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Dec 13, 2010 7:00pm EST
quote nancy pelosi and other house democrats digging in, but about the fact that bill clinton had blessed this in a way, that led to the senate vote and i think it will eventually lead to a house vote that'll be successful. that circuit breaker i think was vital. the weekend would had been a lot different had it not occurred. >> and let's remember and you bring up a good point, mark, because let's remember what the picture, and i joked with a white house staffer earlier that day, i'm like, hey, you going to give us anything on this clinton/obama meeting? because other than that, i got about eight hours of bernie sanders tape to start running on air. so the of half kidding, half joking. and then you know they bring out the big dog. elvis comes into the building and guess what bernie sanders, his show ended up getting -- >> here's president clinton, though on his party. let's listen.
Dec 2, 2010 11:00pm PST
man who admitted to threatening nancy pelosi was sentenced to 21 months in prison. he pleaded guilty on one count. he made more than 30 threatening phone calls to nancy pelosi holmes in washington d.c. -- nancy pelosi's home in washington d.c. >>> continuing to see light showers at this hour. most of the rain concentrated in the north bay, some is pushing south of the golden gate. the rain in the north bay, light at this hour. that yellow on your screen, the rain is still falling light. the north bay, not as light anymore. all the rain is actual hitting the ground. not strong rainfall near richmond. mill valley, although we are seeing heavier in conquered and walnut creak. near san francisco, you see the yellow, could see heavier showers but not all that bad. the moisture streaming in through the bay area, it will be pushing in overnight. we will talk more about that in a bit. >>> new details about the shooting today that ended the life of a 2-year-old boy. the mother laquinda modique and father eddie carr are behind bars. they face child endangerment charges. they were not at home a
Dec 9, 2010 1:00am EST
right, that john boehner was willing to make this compromise. it was nancy pelosi and the house of representatives who made the decision to not go for the vote. why did -- as soon as boehner said he was willing to make a compromise, publicly said he would vote for the democratic version this bill if that was all he could vote for, why didn't nancy pelosi immediately put that vote in front of john boehner? >> there's not a great answer. incremental investments they make, not the extra investments they make. it's on investments they would have made anyway. it's not even limited to domestic investment. they would literally be paying people to build a plant in china, to take jobs out of the united states and put them in china. >> i must respectfully disagree with you. >> go quickly. >> this is domestic, not foreign. i can't speak to the materials you got on this. number two, this does get paid back, i don't believe you're suggesting, or maybe you are, that over the next -- they are not -- there's not a deppreciation that's going to get ratcheted back, because you're moving an existing
Dec 23, 2010 11:00am EST
republicans prepare to take over congress. so why is house speaker nancy pelosi seeking advice from, of to make the water we drink, taste a little more, perfect. reduce lead and other impurities with the advanced filtration system of brita. with an irresistible full key... oh, too much? now get an lg quantum™ for $199.99, and get one free. only from at&t. rethink possible. her morning begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills. the afternoon tour begins with more pain and more pills. the evening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills. the day is done but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. just 2 pills can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lara who chose 2 aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. >>> so after a week of unrelenting rain thousands of california residents are trying to simply dig themselves out of tons of mud and debris that are around their homes in the southland of california. now, earlier today i spoke with karen hernandez who lost
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Dec 3, 2010 12:00am EST
of comments made yesterday by house speaker nancy pelosi at a press conference on unemployment insurance benefits. >> $700 billion in tax cuts to the top 2% in our country, and our republican colleagues say they should do that and we should not pay for it. we should add that $700 billion to the deficit, but when it comes to unemployment insurance, the renewal we want to have, costs $18 billion, $700 billion, $18 billion, they're saying that has to be paid for. tax cuts for the rich do not create jobs. they haven't throughout the bush administration. unemployment insurance creates jobs, does not add to the deficit. >> whatn>> what? i'd like to know where she gets those numbers. joining me is wisconsin congresswoman paul ryan. congresswoman, welcome back to "hannity." >> thanks for having me, sean. >> sean: respond to nancy pelosi. tax cuts don't create jobs, but tax increases will inhibit job creation. what does unemployment do? people are on unemployment two years. does that help create a single job? >> obviously no. that's no spending. we're not even talking about cutting taxe
FOX News
Dec 7, 2010 4:00pm EST
deal that is looking dicey. nancy pelosi doesn't like it. hoyer ain't sold on it. and angry democratic senators meeting with joe biden say they ain't buying it the left feeling, well, left out. and now democratic congressman speaking now, in a moment, and ahead of that we have the governor of the state of texas, rick perry. this is a fast shift. very good to have you, governor. what do you make of the dissension in the democratic party over this issue? >>guest: the debate club gets their hackles up from time to time when they are not involved with all of the development of the legislation, presidents and governors have to make decisions. and i think this president saw and hopefully was listening on election day when americans spoke clearly, we are spending too much money on programs we don't want with money we don't have. in texas the reason our economy is as strong as it is we have a low tax structure, regulatory climate that is fair, a legal system that doesn't allow for oversuing and we continued to fund appropriately accountable public schools and we have a skilled workforce. then
FOX News
Dec 6, 2010 4:00pm EST
is meeting with the democratic leaders trying to hammer out a tax deal but if nancy pelosi, is she bending? the speaker has been reluctant to go along. any chance that could be changing? the managing editor of, how has this passed? >>guest: she knows she does not have the votes, the obama tax plan got through the house but not through the senate so it is leverage. slow wants the unemployment benefits extended as long as she can and she will be speaker for not much longer, a month, so she knows she can see the handwriting on the wall she wants the best deal possible because when they strike the deal, everyone will be saying would got the better and it is a lot of leverage as we go into the final couple of days of negotiations. >>neil: the impression is that the president was the one would blinked, and by extension, nancy pelosi, although she did not want to do this, and she locks like they contained to republicans, so, how do you avoid that impression? is it too late? >>guest: it is too late to some degree. the white house knows that the last liberals will be very frustrate
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Dec 16, 2010 9:00pm EST
to those who have spoken out you? >> i say the job isn't done. we removed nancy pelosi from the chair. now we need to take the white house in 2012. i think that is important that the party continue its grass roots movement upward. in order other words from the bottom up making sure people are engaged. i don't believe in quitting the fight. we raised close to 190 million dollars since 2009. we put that money out into the streets of america in over 360 victory centers around the country that enabled us to contact 45 million voters. we saw 44 million go out and vote, republican this year. we are very excited about the progress that we've made. i'm so proud of our state party, chairman, national committee men and women around the country have done a nominal job. i want to be the leader that get us there. >> sean: this is the best midterm election in 70 years and there is still infighting perplexing. >> the focus is not on each other it is on the obama agenda for the next two years. we've already begun to seen the machinations they are willing to push and force through legislation. i
FOX News
Dec 10, 2010 1:00am EST
there is wiggle room for the speaker not to have to bring it up. this come down whether nancy pelosi is going to fight the president or not? if nancy pelosi and the left says we are not doing this unless you make changes then this bill going anywhere. >> things might be in the democratic caucus. at a caucus meeting while representative berkeley was defending the package someone said "f" the president. congressman nadler overheard saying we can't trust him to cave in two years. it doesn't sound like -- >> elections have consequences. a lot of democrats are in denial. they elected in. >> to be their leader again. >> greta: i think her constituent s want to fight that. >> slaughtly they reelected nancy pelosi. they are not for compromise. they are for doing more as rush limbaugh said. they are doing more than what most thought was destroying the economy they are for doing more of that. and for doing less reducing taxes and cutting spending. >> does this go to the floor in the house of representatives? >> ultimately, i cannot believe that nancy pelosi is again that tell her president, i'm n
FOX News
Dec 17, 2010 4:00pm EST
legislation, who will not be in the audience: nancy pelosi will not be there; hoyer will not be there; john bane, the incoming speaker will not be there. this has been a contentious issue on both sides. and the base on both sides not very pleased. and of course it has been a very big bone of contention with liberal congressman and women who have felt this was a giveaway to the rich. the president has said as much, this is not the deal he wanted. but, in fact, he will sign on to it because it is the best deal that could be ahead -- had ahead of the republicans taking over the house of representatives and the problem on right was the opposite. the tax cut wasn't general rouse enough or made permanent. and in order to get it this was a lot of spending. something like $57 billion in extenders. they were very, very stressful to say this was not "earmarks," but enough extra in there to tick off tea partiers who in the end said we would be better off junking this and seeing everyone's tax rate go up and with the new republican congress pushing the forward and making them retroactive. this is
Dec 5, 2010 4:30pm PST
strong support is what this project needed. >> i an thankful to obama. and our speaker, nancy pelosi. to have the courage to step up and step in. and provide us the resources. this will get us over the hump. we will put people to work. this is a legacy of these times, but contributions, and the contributions that will provide the resources to put people to work on this project and projects throughout the city and county of san francisco. this is simply something that would not have been done if it was not for her leadership, barbara boxer's leadership. a round of applause for the political courage in washington. a final point. i know you think, what can be done to improve the area? [laughter] this is a big part of this. i will take credit for this. i need it. we have struggled. a great plaza. designed s one in 1989 we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the united nations, with people coming from all over the world including the new secretary-general. we wanted to turn on the found. you do not want to know why we were shutting this town. you may want to lean over to ask a friend if you do
Dec 8, 2010 10:00pm EST
was nancy pelosi and the house of representatives who made the decision to not go for the vote. why did -- as soon as boehner said he was willing to make a compromise, publicly said he would vote for the democratic version this bill if that was all he could vote for, why didn't nancy pelosi immediately put that vote in front of john boehner? >> there's not a great answer. 37 democrats sort of threatening to defect on the vote, but also there were internal divisions in the white house, the senate democrats began negotiating among themselves. they had the chance to get their initial ask very early on, but they simply left it alone. i can agree with representative grayson's opinion on the tax cut. what it does is it takes investments, you usually get a deduction for that over time. instead of giving it to them over ten years it gives it to them in one year. over 10 years it would cost $30 billion not $150 billion. it isn't a zeroing out of the corporate tax rate. they have mountains of profits they're sitting on, and there are arguments on how effective it would. it's an ability to try
Dec 14, 2010 6:00pm EST
weeper in house. i mean, john boehner, can't keep it together. what if nancy pelosi looked like this on a daily basis? she would have been ripped by shreds by the righty talkers. >>> disturbing information about the judge trying to derail health reform. >>> i tell you what politicians could learn from brett favre. that's right. they should have played him last night. he at least got a touchdown. way to go, giants. >> grandfather: our first grandson. >> father: he sees you. >> ( "imagine" by john lennon playing ) >> ( laughing softly ) >> ( woman speaking korean ) >> ( child speaking korean ) >> ( children chattering ) >> dwight d. eisenhower: in the goodness of time, all peoples will come to live together in a peace guaranteed... >> john lennon: ♪ you may say ♪ i'm a dreamer ♪ but i'm not the only one >> ( blowing whistle ) >> ♪ i hope someday... >> good night, baby. >> ♪'ll join us ♪ and the world ♪ will be as one >> woman: together, we are the human network. cisco. >>> coming up, house democrats are ready to take off the gloves and fight this tax deal. it's goi
FOX News
Dec 2, 2010 4:00pm EST
>>neil: nancy pelosi is on a battle but now it is a war. a development to big and sudden and in this congress maybe so lame that both sides say it risk s not getting the bush tax cut thing decided and done one way or the other. here is what just happened. the president and his tax cut team have thrown a wrench into the mix. not over the bush tax cuts but their tax cuts. the ones included in the president's stimulus last year that are now set to expire this year. the president's team wants to extend them into future years and roll extending jobless benefits into that while they are at it. the cost is $150 billion a year, $1.5 trillion over 10 years. twice what it would cost to, for example, extend the bush tax cuts on the rich over the same 10 years. but here is where it is getting weird. the white house reportedly doesn't have a way to pay for the cuts, something that it has demanded of extending the top bush cuts. carl, man, great job narrating us through the process. talking about throwing a monkey wrench in this. >>reporter: some of the democrats and the republicans in the ho
Dec 6, 2010 11:00am PST
-- gavein newsom. then dan bernal, speaker of the house nancy pelosi's director. we have megan miller, field representative for barbara boxer. also joinin us is the vice presidnent. moving here is a great treat for gsa. it will the -- be the hub of activity. this will be a state-of-the-art facility. during the depression, arthur brown jr. designed a new federal building in san francisco. he went out of his way to make this a complementary feature of the nearly-completed pacific center area. the civic center is a scene of events of great importance, including the founding of the united nations and the peace treaties with world war ii. this shows as a poll reform moving to the united states. the architecture and plans are regarded as some of the finest and most complete manifestations of the beautiful movement. there is a scholar of classical architecture that says that this is the greatest ensembles of architecture in america. in 1899, the mayor was considering concepts the proposed establishing the grand civic center for san francisco. and leon know what had happened. after the
Dec 15, 2010 4:00am EST
nancy pelosi had started just crying at the drop of a hat? what do you think the right wing talkers of america would have been saying about her? joan walsh and the republicans, their big double standard, we're talking about that. >>> this is the story that has he fired up tonight. at this hour harry reid and his best friend, mitch mcconnell are trying to hammer out a deal to bring the obama tax compromise to a final vote in the senate. they could get it done tonight on the floor. we'll see. the president and any other democrat with their name on this deal, i think they are walking themselves right into an election fight for their lives. republicans have set the democrats up big-time on this whole thing. now, i know where the democratic senators are on this. most of them are saying, oh, we have to do it. if i'm the last dog standing here, i just want the audience of "the ed show" to know i think this is a crucial mistake. the more i look at this, it's more of a hoodwink. the biggest names in the 2012 republican field, you know what they're doing? they are licking their chops. trying to
Dec 17, 2010 2:30am PST
representante de san francisco, nancy pelosi. --fernando pizarro nos cuenta como se vivio esta jornada en el congreso estadounidense. rep. jose serrano (d-nueva york) rep. ileana ros- lehtinen (r-florida) clarissa martinez, consejo nacional de la raza fernando pizarro, washington d.c. --el senado de estados unidos sera sin duda, la tabla de salvacion o la tumba del "acta de los sueÑos".--el lider de la mayoria democrata, "harry reid", pidio hoy a sus colegas que ya "cierren" el debate en torno al "dream act".--las organizaciones pro-inmigrantes afirmaron que todo indica que el sabado habra una votacion, por lo que continuaran enviando cartas y haciendo llamadas telefonicas a los congresistas. --el senado podria votar el mismo proyecto que ya fue aprobado en la camara de representantes. --continuan las protestas contra los embargos hipotecarios en el area de la bahia. la mas reciente se llevo a cabo en san francisco donde un grupo de afectados envio un contundente mensaje a los bancos. ramon adame, tiene el reporte. buenas noches. los manifestantes pidieron una mayor responsabi
Dec 18, 2010 6:00pm EST
taliban. the taliban, remember, have an approval level of about 6%, and nancy pelosi levels. the reason people support them is not ideology. it is fear. it makes it easier. if it is ideology, you have to change people's ideas. if it is fear, you have to provide protection, as happened in the surge in iraq. if you can do that, you can expand the area under control. in the long run, is karzai the guy who can handle it? that is where the real issues are. >> richard holbrooke, 40-year career. remarkable career. >> remarkable career. just one thing i object to, mentioning nancy pelosi and the same sentence with the taliban. i think that is a cheap shot, and beneath the panelist -- >> let me specify, nancy pelosi is not a terrorist, in case it was unclear. >> that was the message of rush limbaugh yesterday, calling her one on national radio. i did not want to put you in the same category of the echo chamber. >> i would not normally say you lack a sense of humor. >> i don't see the humor. let me talk about richard holbrooke for a second. richard holbrooke was larger than life. first of
Dec 18, 2010 4:00am EST
government. nancy pelosi says that you don't have to be straight to shoot straight. they're trying to decide whether it makes sense to put a lid on nuclear weapons. "wall street journal" says that the 111th congress is the worst in modern history. do you agree, mark? >> no, the chief of our significant there were some gutsy encourage -- the achievements were significant. there was a gutsy and courageous votes cast. >> overall, it is a dysfunctional mess and the country knows it. the future of the country depends on some leadership, presidential leadership, which separates its the mass and figures out a way to make congress to do some big -- separates itself from the mess and figures out a way to make progress to something big. >> 13% approval. >> i wonder who the 13 are. must be relatives of members of congress. obamacare, which will take us a generation to undo, increase of our debts, and also, it is interesting with this omnibus bill that harry reid was trying to palm on the senate and in the end it was so outrageous he had to withdraw, 2000 pages of spending, which she presented on tuesda
Dec 19, 2010 12:30pm PST
, remarkable career. >> mentioning nancy pelosi i did the same sentence as the taliban is a cheap shot. >> nancy pelosi is not a terrorist. >> rush limbah call for a terrorist yesterday -- on-call her a terrorist yesterday on national radio. >> i did not think you lack a sense of humor -- >> let me talk about richard holbrooke for a second. he was larger than life. he loved the press. he was always trying to influence and shape it. the original spinner. this is a man who made a lot of money in the private sector but his vocation, mission, passion, was public service. he was making money in new york -- he looked at it as an interruption. the dayton accords -- he did it in dayton, ohio, and it was brilliant, to bring people to dayton, ohio. not paris or geneva, but where they were determined to achieve a breakthrough. >> "time" magazine names person of the year. it is not the wikileaker. >> take down the content by taking us down, the organization, and taking me down. >> that is julian assange. he has been released on baiai he was under arrest and being held in london, possible extraditi
Dec 19, 2010 9:00am EST
taliban, remember, have the approval level of about 6%, and nancy pelosi levels. the reason people support them is not ideology, is fear. it makes it easier. if it is ideology, you have to change ideas. it is dear, you have to provide protection -- if it is a fear, you have to provide protection. in the long run, is hamid karzai a guy who can handle it? that is where the real issues are. >> richard holbrooke had a 40- year career. remarkable career. >> just one thing i object to, mentioning nancy pelosi in the same sentence with the taliban. that is a cheap shot, and beneath the panelist -- >> let me specify that nancy pelosi is not a terrorist, at any case -- >> that was the message of rush limbaugh yesterday on national radio. i would not put you in the same category of the echo chamber. >> i would not normally say you lack a sense of humor. >> i don't see the humor. let me talk about richard holbrooke for a second. he was larger than life. first of all, he loved the press. he loved what was written in the press, was trying to influence it and shake it. this man made a lot of mon
FOX News
Dec 21, 2010 9:00pm EST
nancy pelosi think they have the power to alter a galactic shift? that's what is so crazy about the whole environment -- >> of course they do. they can improve human nature, heal the sick with a touch of the hand, signature of a pen of course they can change the climate. >> or health care bill. >> we can have a continuing resolution to correct the galactic shift and the whole thing -- >> even scientists disagree. i'm not a scientist, so i can say even scientists disagree on to what extent it is manmade or not. the article in the guardian there are scientists who disagree, one said the horrible winter in the u k is a direct result of global warming another said we can't really say. >> in writer, he wrote a couple years ago, what ever happened to the snowy christmases of my childhood, a generation of children will grow up not knowing what snow is. as you said, in the u.k. right now gridlock, heathrow looks like a somali refugee camp, nothing flying out of there. in the old days in my part of new hampshire they say if you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes. the accepted weather wa
FOX News
Dec 9, 2010 9:00pm EST
of fewer jobs. >> sean: we know the president's plea did not work. nancy pelosi is floating the possibility she won't schedule a vote on the bill. white house responded to that threat today as well. >> aren't you worried that this isn't going to happen and all the economic catastrophe that you guys are worrying about is going to happen? >> i think this will get done. >> you think she is bluffing? >> i think that this is a long and winding process. but i think at the end of the day, members are not gonna wanna be in their districts not going to want to be in their districts when their constituents find out their taxes have gone up. >> sean: what if democrats get wear -- their way? let me bring in senator jim demint. good see you. >> thank you, sean good to be back. >> sean: you are opposing this deal, why? >> this is a perfect example of how we 14 trillion in debt as a nation. republican have something we know is good for the country, such as extending these tax rates. democrats are not gonna allow us to pass it unless we do more deficit spending on some program they think needed
Dec 21, 2010 1:00pm EST
nancy pelosi is putting her signature on don't ask, don't tell. what a year it has been. 2010 gave us the tea party, sharron angle and alvin green. the political highs and lows. >> i'm not a witch. i'm nothing you've heard. i'm you. >> well, maybe not. what will be the political headlines in 2011? chairman of the democratic national committee tim kaine and democratic strategist bob shrum here. >>> a white christmas heavy snow stranding passengers and colorado and california bracing for snow and rain. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. we begin with a major victory for the president. the s.t.a.r.t. nuclear arms treaty will be ratified sometime tomorrow the momentum shifted as four more republicans broke ranks and giving harry reid enough support. ken strickland is our man in the senate today. this seemed to come together this morning. tell us what happened behind the scenes. >> it may have started yesterday, maybe a day before with things going on behind the scenes. the white house had what i would consider a legislative and political surge. lots of letters sent by president ob
Dec 10, 2010 4:00am EST
against president obama's tax plan. it's going to get better. speaker nancy pelosi had the guts to refuse a vote until this thing gets fixed for the good. my commentary on that plus reaction from congressman elijah cummings, senator sherrod brown will be here tonight. and progressive adam green. some think he's putting too much pressure on president obama. we'll talk about it. >>> republicans, they have redefined the word "ruthless" today. the party of no just deliberately blocked a bill that would have helped 9/11 rescue responders who got sick from ground zero. folks, this really tells you everything you need to know about republican priorities. we have "rapid fire response" to that tonight. >>> and ralph nader is back. he just called president obama a con man is getting folks worked up about a primary challenge. we'll cut through all the bull and tell you what it's all about and what is really up nader's sleeve. that's tonight. >>> okay. this is the story that has me "fired up" tonight. house democrats are inching for a fight with the party of no this morning. the house democrat
Dec 9, 2010 6:00pm EST
is about a fight. let's take and tip our hats tonight to nancy pelosi for setting the table for a fight. the white house is trying to play down the vote, but time, of course, isn't on their side. unless the house and the senate pass the president's compromise in the next 22 days, the bush tax cuts will be a thing of the past. a lot of people think that's a good thing because we can get a better deal. the president is going to do everything in his power to make sure that doesn't happen. republicans more than ever are eager to help president obama deliver tax breaks for millionaires, aren't they? so democrats think the republicans are trying to hoodwink the president into giving them everything they want and then pin this as and promote it as the obama tax cut, this economy's your fault. this is congressman jim mcdermott from my radio show today. >> there's a strategic memo from the republicans that says if we can get them to pass it it becomes obama's tax cut and not bush's tax cut. >> sure. >> they're trying to change the name on it and slap it -- pin the tail on the president. i
Dec 15, 2010 7:00pm EST
, would the public be as forgiving if say, speaker nancy pelosi were in tears like that? what would the right say then? finally, when it comes to eliminating earmarks, texas republican senator john cornyn is all hat, as they say in texas, and no cattle. he likes the idea of getting rid of earmarks but also likes the reality of having them. >>> let's begin with the senate passing the tax cut deal. senator dick durbin of i will sill the democratic whip. senator, thanks for joining us. you have joined the great majority of senators from both parties. how do you distinguish between the high noise level on network television like this on msnbc and elsewhere, among the net roots, among progressives generally, the loud angry noise against this deal, this compromise, and yet when we look at the polling right now, overwhelming support for this deal among democrats? >> i think people want us to move forward. that might have been the election's -- the clearest message coming out of it and they want us to be constructive and that means that we have to give. the democrats have to give on some of
Dec 10, 2010 1:00am EST
nancy pelosi issued a statement saying the house democrats will continue to work with the president and republicans to improve the legislation before it comes up for a vote. joining me now, former presidential candidate ralph nader. author of "only the super rich can save us," jane hamsher, founder of rabbi michael learner, editor of it. icon and congressman alan grayson. last but not least, congressman alan grayson, i want us to pause here for a point of personal privilege for me it is an honor that alan grayson would grace this show again tonight after i was inexcusably rude to him in this panel discussion last night. he accepted my apology graciously on the phone and he is gracious enough to rejoin us tonight. so don't be surprised, everybody, if alan grayson gets some extra time here tonight. congressman grayson, let's start with you. what do you say to shelley berkeley that lone voice who stood up in the caucus and said in effect this seems like the best we can do and we absolutely can't allow those rates to go back up on people on january 1st, the people below
Dec 9, 2010 10:00pm EST
on a certain bracket. let me move on to nancy pelosi, only have minutes left. nancy pelosi said we will continue in the days ahead to improve this proposal before it comes to the house floor for a vote. if i read her correctly this thing is on track are, you opposed nancy pelosi's continuation in the leadership s this why you opposed her, because despite your resolution today, she still seems determined to make sure this thing passes for barack obama? >> i believe nancy pelosi is in concert with my resolution which is the proposal before us today, that the senate starting to debate tomorrow or the the next day will not come to the floor of the house unless modified. i want more modification than other people but i don't believe she is going to just turn around and say we are bringing it forward, 2008 is my entire caucus against. i think we empowered our leadership to go down there and stand against things which they tell us we are against, estate tax provision, $250,000, this bizarre stuff, social security, 100% expensing for buying goods overseas. >> i think you know what is going
FOX News
Dec 9, 2010 4:00pm EST
big guy cooked up without them. nancy employees says -- nancy pelosi isn't allowing a vote and harry reid saying he and senator baucus will make changes and what looked like "done" is not and it seems like a santa second and the capitol hill went from who -- ho -- ho to oh, no. what happened? >>reporter: the national is -- the senate is moving forward and the house of representatives, well, nancy pelosi will defy the president or the wishes of the lawmakers. a majority of house democrats determined they do not like this tax deal and they do not want speaker pelosi to bring it up to the floor. the speaker says only she continues to work with the president to figure this out. as for uneasy house democrats they say their party is in a tough spot on taxes. >> we have a great relationship with the white house, too. and i want to underscore that. and we stand solidly behind this president. we recognize he was placed in a box. but members also felt they were placed in a box. >>reporter: one aide tells fox this shows how much the white house messed this up and others say the meeting featured
Dec 1, 2010 12:00pm EST
cuts for the rich and unemployment for the poor. nancy pelosi is taking that and trying to get unemployment benefits passed. on one side, hundreds of thousands of poor americans facing christmas without a job. and now without their financial lifeline. on the other side, tax cuts expire at the end of the year for everybody, but the sticking point on extending them, the nation's wealthiest. >> there's some things we need to get done in the weeks before congress leaves town for the holidays. >> where is the cooperation and the bipartisanship? president obama is pushing lawmakers to set aside the politics. >> the american people want us to focus on their jobs, not ours. >> republicans argue rich americans and small businesses use those tax breaks to create more jobs that in turn benefit the unemployed. but under the bush tax cuts, the nation has seen its slowest job creation since the end of world war ii. democrats push unemployment benefits as a safety net for america's workers and the quickest way to inject dollars nationwide. >> what about the fact that unemployment benefits pum
FOX News
Dec 10, 2010 9:00pm EST
buy votes of tom harkin and boxer and other people is changing the deal. nancy pelosi has planned to do the same in the house. aren't they giving them that opening? >> absolutely right. what you could say is look, they have just added into the bill. one example of how appalling this is. they've just added in a one year extension of the ethanol credits. which are a investigation a couple of weeks ago, even al gore conceded that ethanol subsidies are a huge error, fundamentally and economically. there's no one on the planet who will defend it for anything other than a pork subsidy and hand-out of the midwest states that they are going to need in a presidential election. there's no economic or other argument in favor of it. it is now included in a bill a month after the republicans won election, by promising the country to be opposed to the expansion of government and to wasteful spending. it is a total contradict of that promise. and of the new look, second chance, that republicans had said they were now gonna represent. >> sean: yeah. look, let me go to the area of disagreement tha
FOX News
Dec 9, 2010 3:00pm EST
cut compromise. the house speaker, nancy pelosi, will not even bring the current proposed tax plan up for a vote. as we reported yesterday, many fellow house democrats are against the tax cut deal the president made with republicans. in the u.s. senate the democratic leader reid said his chamber may hold a vote soon. the white house is down playing the whole thing obviously saying it is confident congress will pass the bill. our political correspondent is like on the hill. is that true? is there a reason for "great confidence." >>reporter: in the senate, yes, we have been told we can expect to see the legislation today. in the house it is an open question. today democrats of the house of representatives voted among themselves, almost unanimously, to refuse to even debate or consider any legislation based on the framework of president and republicans crafted. nancy pelosi and her top deputy are trying to defend what is the house democrats' position knowing they are going to be confronted with a real problem. that problem is likely to be the legislation they say they are not going to
Dec 2, 2010 5:00pm EST
the ethics committee and censure him, what you would see is house speaker nancy pelosi standing before the entire house, rain gem standing in front of her, and she would read a verbal rebuk, essentially public h humiliation. failing to pay taxes on rental income from a property that he owns in the dominican republic, despite the pact that he was chairman of the tax writing committee in the house of representatives and solace sitting donations for a college bearing his name and from companies that had business before his committee. we just heard from him moments ago on the house floor i am ploering members of the house to go for a reprimand rather than this very serious punishment of a censure. here's what he said. >> i have made serious mistakes. i do believe that rules are made to be enforced and that we have a higher responsibility than most people and that senior members should act as a model for new and less experienced members. i do believe that they should be enforcement of these laws and sanctions. but if you're breaking new ground, i ask for fairness. >> all of the democ
FOX News
Dec 17, 2010 3:00pm EST
reid or nancy pelosi. i would assume ... i don't know. that gives us a reason to stay tuned to find out who shows up minutes away. do your kids drink too much? soda? a study published finds that 75 percent of american kids consume caffeine each day and in some cases it has an effect on sleep. or lack of. between the age of five and seven years old drink the same amount of caffeine as found in a can of soda, those numbers are off. and 8 to 12, they take in triple that amount, so three cans' worth. the more soda they drink the more trouble they have sleeping. and that will hurt performance in the class. and now, the pediatrician and head of the child health policy institute at southeast university in florida. nice to see you. >>guest: great to see you. >>shepard: when i was a kid we had one glass bottle of coke and tab on the porch behind the kitchen and i drink about, three liters a day and i thought the sugar was worse so we switched to tab. >>guest: you are a southern boy if you drinking it and leaving it on the back porch. here is the thing, when you are drinking those, that much
Dec 3, 2010 2:30am PST
. --el hombre que hizo decenas de llamadas amenazantes a la congresista "nancy pelosi" para que no apoyara la reforma de salud, tendra que pasar una temporada en la carcel. --"gregory lee giusti" de 49 aÑos fue sentenciado a 21 meses de prision, tras lo cual debeÁ pasar 3 aÑos en libertad supervisada. --este sujeto, que acepto haber hecho mas de 30 llamadas intimidantes a la casa y oficinas de "pelosi" tampoco podra acercarse a la legisladora ni a su familia. la secretaria de seguridad interna salio en defensa del acta de los sueÑos.''janet napolitano" pidio con urgencia a los miembros del congreso que permitan que ciertos jovenes indocumentados obtengan la residencia legal. sobre todo aquellos que fueron traidos por sus padres cuando eran pequeÑos.--napolitano considera que, de aprobarse esta medida, los agentes a su cargo podrian concentrar sus esfuerzos en arrestar y deportar solo a aquellos inmigrantes con antecedentes criminales. --por cierto, los democratas modificaron la propuesta original del "dream act" para conseguir algouie apoyo de los republicanos.--con el nuevo p
FOX News
Dec 21, 2010 5:00am EST
especially children are the most charitable and nancy pelosi considers it charitable giving to contribute to the san francisco ballet whereas christians are actually giving to poor people. >> bill: let me define what you are saying there have been studies that show conservative americans donate more to private charities than liberal americans. >> overwhelmingly it's in my last book "guilty." it was arthur brooks. he wrote an entire book on it. it was summarized in my last book. overwhelming. >> bill: earthquake or tsunami, america leads the league in private and government donations to help those people. >> moreover in particular people like john kerry, teddy kennedy, nancy pelosi, barack obama, all these democrats, the bidens are pretty stingy when it comes to giving. >> it's all been demonstrated. >> bill: i think he gave a good buck. >> liberals want to harang us and say we have to give a certain amount of money to doug showman commissioner of theist because that shows we are good people. it gets spent on blastist art at the smithsonian and subsidizing ill legitimacy. democrats out the
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